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Red Card Denim

The Art of Denim

Using the highest quality denim and offering detail to each denim unbeknowest to traditional production products, these creations by the top artisans of Japan are nothing but pieces of art.


RED CARD is washed in one of the top wash facilities in the world with absolutely precise recipes, resulting in textures that resemble perfectly worn in jeans.  The used finishes are all hand done by the master craftsmen, down to the places hidden by first glance - each garment is cared for individually, and a rich vintage feel can be created without lavish pocket stitches or usage of selvedge decorations.  The 3 Fs (FABRIC, FIT, FINISH) upheld by producer YUJI HONZAWA (aka Dr. Denim.)  Yuji san has previously worked at Levi's and the Japanese brand Edwin.




RED CARD uses KAIHARA DENIM; the acme of Made in Japan denim.  By using highest quality SUPIMA Cotton covering threads manufactured by UJYO Bussan for the stitiching, the color fading after finishes, as seen in denim, is made possible.  

'Kaihara is particular about using only Pima cotton, sourced in the US, as this is the best quality,' says Honzawa, who has worked in the industry  for more than 20 years. For added strength, the cotton is respun a total of 64 times, after which the indigo dye is applied by a special rope-dyeing process (the threads are wound up like rope and pulled back and forth through a network of rollers and vats) to deepen the final hue. With finishing elements such as rivets and buttons also produced at Kaihara, 'the end result,' Honzawa says, 'is highly durable jeans.'  

YKK Snap Fasteners are used for buttons and rivets, keeping true to being Made in Japan.